When the blue moment turns into black in Finnish Lapland, an exciting wait begins. Will the arctic lights blaze in the sky tonight? Sometimes they flame in the early hours, sometimes closer to dawn.

Not many visitors hang on awake all night long. The Arctic Snowhotel has come up with a solution: Aurora Borealis watch. The main task of the watch is to stay awake and observe the sky. If northern lights appear, watcher wakes the visitors.

No wonder more than 200 people applied for the post last season. Two of them got their dream job.

Now the position is open again. There are no specific qualifications for the post, but the lucky candidate has to meet two requirements.

Most of our clients are foreigners, so a good grasp of English is a must. One should also spot the difference between a cloud and Aurora Borealis, says Heidi Haavikko from Arctic SnowHotel.

Assignment does not come without responsibility, as Aurora Borealis are one of the biggest attractions in Lapland. 

Many travel here in order to see the northern lights. Now they can go to bed in peace, knowing that if the lights appear, the watch will wake them up, Haavikko says.

Arctic SnowHotel lies in the tiny village of Lehtojärvi, 27 kilometres from the center of Rovaniemi. It was built for the first time in 2008. Since then, it has emerged every winter season. The construction work starts in late October, when the ice blocks are lifted up from the nearby lake. The snow is made by multiple snow machines on the site.

The beloved speciality of Arctic SnowHotel are the glass-roofed iglus, where one can marvel the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of a warm bed.

From December 2016 onwards a trip to Lapland gets even easier, as Norwegian starts direct flights from Gatwick to Rovaniemi. 

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