While Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, enjoyed the sights of the race, The Mail online said they would have been “shocked” if they saw the behaviour of some of the crowd.

The website splashed images of men and women flaked out on the grass and one doing an impromptu pole dance with an umbrella across its website, with the headline: “And you thought Ascot was going to the dogs! Things get a little messy at Aussies’ big day out at the Melbourne Cup”.

“Down by the course, men and women were flaked out on the grass after a boozy day, girls drank straight from champagne bottles – one even staged an impromptu pole dance – while the detritus from the day built up shamefully around them,” the website said.

The images prompted hundreds of comments on the website, calling it “disgusting behaviour”.

“But that’s the point, dear, we DID ship the rubbish out and got rid of them!” wrote one person, and another wrote: “It is Australia, what do you expect?”.

“I don’t ever want to hear anyone say how disgraceful the British can act at times. This bunch of reprobates put us to shame on so many levels!”