A boozed up Aussie man survived his attempt to ride a 16ft crocodile after climbing into the animal’s enclosure, despite having chunks bitten from his leg.

The man, who had been thrown out of a bar in Broome for being too drunk, decided to pop down to his local zoo and tried to straddle the 1,800lb saltwater croc, named Fatso.

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“Fatso has taken offence to this and has spun around and bit this man on the right leg,” Sgt Roger Haynes of Broome police told journalists.

“The crocodile has let him go and he’s been able to scale the fence again and leave the wildlife park.”

However, the park’s owner, Malcolm Douglas, said that the crocodile was capable of killing someone with a single bite.

“The man who climbed the fence was fortunate because Fatso was a bit more sluggish than normal, due to the cooler nights we have been experiencing in Broome,” said Douglas.

“If it had been warmer and Fatso was more alert, we would have been dealing with a fatality.”

“No person in their right mind would try to sit on a 5m crocodile, Saltwater crocodiles, once they get hold of you, are not renowned for letting you go.”

The nutty croc-rider then staggered back to the pub with blood gushing from his wounds.

According to the pub manager, the man reappeared at about 11pm with bits of bark hanging off him and flesh gouged out of his limbs.

Fun times!