The new roundabouts which separate motor traffic from cyclists, do not currently conform to Department for Transport regulations as they currently work in the Netherlands, but with a little rejigging could be brought up to speed.

They are currently being tested in Berkshire as part of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s Vision for Cycling with the possibility of seeing them at junctions on the streets of the capital in 2014.

The structure of these Euro-roundabouts gives cyclists their own space and makes them more readily visible to drivers.

There has been widespread call for attention to be paid to the streets of London after a number of cyclists have died on collisions.

The testing of these new roundabouts will take into account though, not just the impact they have on the two-wheeled travellers, but also its impact on drivers and pedestrians too.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing this [roundabout] on the road,” said Boris Johnson’s cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan of the new roundabouts to the BBC. “It’s going to be fantastic for cyclists.”

Photo: Getty.