It’s the Egg LDN Birthday on Saturday May 7th, and how’s the last year been and are there any personal highlights that you’re particularly proud of or enjoyed?

It’s been our best year to date at Egg LDN with our new main Garden Warehouse room being the highlight and we’ve had some great sets on it. But of course there is always room for improvement – another year another challenge. We aim to do better every year and are constantly evolving with lots of exciting things planned for the forthcoming year. Watch this space 

You’ve got a real international cast of headliners for the Birthday event and how do you put together the birthday party? And what makes this different?

We try to keep it around the same date every year so friends and family can plan ahead to come along and every year we look at what sounds are current and programme the party around this. As you see we have an eclectic mix for this year covering all the popular genres from techno to disco.

You opened a new outside Garden Warehouse Main Room this year and where did you get the idea for this? Do you have other new plans that you share with us for the club? 

We understand that to remain cutting edge we need to be out there traveling the world and seeing what the latest fads are in clubs and bars. The build came about through seeing ideas around and following up on this. A lot of work and effort goes into everything we do and we’re always looking to improve and evolve. 

I understand Egg Ldn has been busy popping up on panels at events such as ADE, Rio Music Conference, and most recently the Brighton Music Conference, and is it important for the club to be seen and heard at these international events? Do you have more plans internationally?

It’s all about brand awareness and our audience is very international and this is due to our extensive travels spreading the word and through one-off parties worldwide. 

Where do you see the development of the club ongoing?

We want to develop the brand through music and outside events and have many opportunities in the pipeline 

Over the years what are the standout DJ sets & parties for you and why?

There are so many highlight experiences it’s hard to single one out. The real highlight for me is seeing people enjoying Egg LDN’s vibe to the fullest.

As Egg Ldn brand continues to grow, can you tell us how you you’ve managed to evolve and how you keep it fresh.

Through hard work, constant research and never giving up even though sometimes everything seems against you. It takes immense dedication and motivation to do this and you need people around you that are also full of passion and who want to evolve alongside Egg LDN.

Would you ever consider opening Egg abroad and is there anywhere you’re keen to branch out into?

If the right situation came up of course but it has to be the right fit for our brand identity and feel right and on point.

Before you leave us can you tell us what we should be listening to before we head out to Egg LDN: The Birthday?

Listen to the DJs soundclouds who’re playing on the techno floor – they are all on point 🙂

Laurence Malice is the creative founder of Egg LDN, which celebrates its Birthday on Saturday May 7th with DJs ANNA, Christian Smith, Hector Coutu, Harvey McKay, Gary Beck, Smokin Jo, the Feelings crew and many more. All info at