Facebook photo nightmares? X-Pire – the new digital eraser software that deletes images after a certain date – claims it can save you from future humiliation. But can it really?

If you’ve ever wished that those photos of you doing your drunk ’sexy face’ were not floating around cyberspace for quite so long then X-Pire might be for you.

The German firm behind X-Pire – which costs two euros (£1.67) per month – claims to have identified a gap in the market – the fear of uploading your personal photos to Facebook (or anywhere else on the web) in case they are used against you at a future date.

To use the software, users simply drag an image into X-Pire before uploading it to Facebook. The programme assigns the photo with electronic key that is valid only for a set time period.

The photo cannot be viewed after that date, meaning your mates can have a quick laugh at you with only one eyebrow before the image disappears.

An X-Pire spokesperson pointed out that while Facebook users currently have the ability to delete photos, most “don’t get round to it”.

However, what X-Pire can’t help with is the fact that, in the first place, nasty pictures often get shared and, in the second place, it’s usually someone else who posts the truly shocking pictures of us to Facebook.

Who cares about that job promotion anyway?