Tour SearchWe have teamed up with our TourSearch partner, Bugbitten, to create an exclusive introductory package for new advertisers who have never used our products or services.

The package offers you a 6-month tour listing on Bugbitten (for up to 5 tours), a ¼ page advert in TNT Magazine and a listing in the travel section online at

The prices listed below are the total cost and not per insertion.


1 week only

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

Full package





TNT Advert only





Bugbitten listing only (6 months listing)





Online listing only






A listing on just Bugbitten is a flat rate of £500 for listings of up to 5 tours for a 6-month period.

To book any of the above packages or if you would like more information please email Stephen Warman or call 016 0328 3698.