This cross-section of photo portraits, taken by Paul Joyce between 1967 and 2009, captures a who’s who of singers, actors and entertainers.

The collection serves as a time capsule; familiar faces snapped when they were still fresh, rather than ubiquitous.

There’s Jimi Hendrix, with his unruly hair and silk cravat, hanging out in Marylebone. Opposite, Johnny Cash, well into middle-age, stares out, his gaze still as intense and undimmed as when he was an angry young man.

Alongside are shots of Jane Fonda during her Barbarella era; she’s all big hair and kitsch boots, but it’s not hard to see why she was a sex symbol of her day.

And then there’s Keith Richards, probably as high as a kite, thumbs up under a stern customs warning against drug use.



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