The Netherlands in 2-3 days

You’ll need a few days in Amsterdam to really get to grips with this vibrant city and all that is on offer. Hire a bike and explore the canal grids, experience the talked-about coffee shops and take a red light district tour if you dare.

In 7-9 days

Spend a little longer in Amsterdam, making sure you visit the many museums including the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

If you choose to visit the Netherlands during spring, catch a train to Leiden and spend a day smelling the flowers at Keukenhof gardens.

Journey on to Delft for a night and potter around the old city and shop for delftware at the many factory shops. Your next stop should be Den Haag. One day should be enough to appreciate the city’s cultural refinement. End your trip with two nights in Rotterdam, spend your days looking at the city’s interesting architecture and your nights partying in the many clubs.

Two weeks +

From Amsterdam take a train to Leeuweland, the hub of Friesland.

From there it will be easier to journey on to one of the Friesland islands where you can spend a few days enjoying the beaches in summer or the icy solitude in winter.

Make your way back to Amsterdam and follow the 7-9 day itinerary. From Rotterdam take a train to Maastricht and spend a night in the lively hybrid city before crossing the border to either Belgium or Germany.