A woman called Kate Middleton has been kicked off Facebook for impersonating the “real” Kate Middleton – future queen of England.

The “fake” Kate Middleton, who is blonde and 30, was surprised to find that her Facebook account had disappeared and she was being accused of pretending to be Prince William’s finance.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw why it had happened,” Kate Middleton told the Daily Mail.

“It’s ridiculous, if they had gone into my account they could see who I was. They think that I am trying to impersonate Prince William’s Kate Middleton.

“My profile picture is of me and I don’t look anything like Kate. It is absurd.”

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Bizarrely, Kate Middleton’s boyfriend is called Jonathon Ross. He suggested that it might be the fact that they are listed as a couple of Facebook that caused the ban.

“I wonder whether it’s because her profile says she is in a relationship with Jonathan Ross,” he said.

“They might have thought it was made-up.”

Facebook initially refused to back down but today said it was looking into Kate Middleton’s claims.