For England fans, that primarily means keeping a close eye on which supermarkets are going to be offering the best bargain prices on beer and cheesy nachos, but, believe it or not, not every nation counts beer as their main logistical concern.

Pity the poor Australian fans, who, as well as having to deal with their side being placed in a tricky (to state the biggest of understatements) group, face gigantic travelling distances between the three group stage venues – and that’s after they’ve made the not entirely-insignificant journey from Australia to Brazil.

American fans, meanwhile, will firstly need to fork out huge prices on airfares to get to Brazil, after US airlines apparently raised their prices following the group draw, and they’ll also need to travel through some of Brazil’s most overcrowded airports, where modern facilities are just a distant dream.

While fans may be focused on the logistics and travel plans, for the players, it’s sometimes more about refining their wacky hairstyles or practicing crazy goal celebrations to get themselves noticed by a global TV audience (Nicklas Bendtner, anyone?)

Then, there are those players who just don’t need to try – their looks give them celebrity status courtesy of their famous lookalikes. We all know about England striker Wayne Rooney’s likeness for Shrek, but how about these slightly more unusual lookalikes listed on the Betfair website?