A family who claim they were served tainted gelato at a Sydney pub say they are not surprised a sample of the dessert tested positive for faecal matter.

State Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said preliminary results of laboratory tests by the NSW Food Authority showed the sample tested positive for bilirubin, found in excreta.

He said further DNA analysis would now take place to determine if the sample was of “human or animal origin”.

Those results are not expected for a number of weeks.

“Obviously, we are keeping an open mind and do not want to pre-empt this investigation in any manner,” Macdonald said in a statement today.

“Authority officers are continuing to conduct interviews with hotel staff and the family.

“They are also reviewing CCTV security videos and have inspected the hotel’s kitchen.”

The Whyte family claim they were served the contaminated ice-cream at the Coogee Bay Hotel free of charge on October 5 after complaining they could not hear the televised NRL grand final over the pub’s loud music.

Jessica Whyte, who says she was violently sick after eating a spoonful of the frozen faeces, says the family is not surprised at the test’s results.

“That’s what we expected and we’re glad the results are what we expected,” Whyte told the Seven Network.

“We want an apology down the track … We’re continuing this so the truth comes out.”

The eastern Sydney hotel yesterday received the results of its own lab tests on the chocolate gelato tub involved, saying the ice-cream was cleared of any contamination.

Staff at the Coogee Bay Hotel have also all agreed to a DNA test in efforts to clear the pub’s name.

“The Coogee Bay Hotel has never disputed that the substance the Whytes have held for three weeks could be faecal,” the hotel said in a statement today.

“The real question remains – where did it come from?”

The family’s lawyer had given the hotel seven days to apologise and retract statements that the family demanded money to keep the story out of the media.