Roger Federer‘s trick shot video, in which he knocks a can off someone’s head with a tennis ball – in one shot from his raquet – has been accused of being a fake (and a very clever bit of marketing).

The Federer trick shot video, which went viral this week, and has clocked up more then a million views, is part of a Gillette commercial shoot in Switzerland and supposedly shows the tennis star messing around between ‘official’ takes.

The clip is apparently filmed in one shot and Federer knocks the can from a crew member’s head not once, but twice. Pretty incredible.

Watch Federer’s trick shot here.


Not surprisingly, many aren’t convinced that Federer’s trick shot isn’t just a very clever piece of marketing by Gilette.

Cowboydom left this comment on Youtube:

“Well done to all of you who decided to debate if it was real or fake. You’ve given Gillette a headline story, racking up over 1.5 million views in 2 days. The scene is just a bit of fun. It’s neither real or fake. It’s called a “stunt” see the dictionary term if you are unsure – “Something done to attract attention or publicity” . Of course he didn’t really serve a ball at a guys head, that’s not the point. Duped.”


However a Gillette spokesperson was ambiguous about the Federer viral:

”All we’ll say at the moment is we’ll leave the ‘real or fake’ debate up to the viewers, but the evidence is there to see. Roger’s skill and ability is incredible (that’s why he’s a Gillette ambassador!) so of course it was filmed in one take during a shoot for Gillette Fusion’s partnership with the British Skin Foundation.”