The campaign has been promoted through a series of tear-jerking videos – the latest of which you can see below – and if you book by December 8, you can fly from London to Sydney for £799 in May 2015 to be reunited with your rellies.

The video features a couple from Surrey whose son moved from the UK to Sydney with their grandchildren. The couple, Alec and Catherine Beattie, were surprised at a specially staged event in London in April 2014 with an emotional film featuring their granddaughter Esme. BA flew Alec and Catherine out to be united with their family and you can watch their reunion here – Love Actually airport intro stylee.

BA and Tourism Australia also asked people who they would most like to be reunited with, and more than 50% of respondents said a parent (25.9%) or grandparent (24.4%). In third place with 10% of the votes was ‘my first pet’!

 Respondents also said that:

–       The band they would most like to see reunited in 2015 isThe Beatles

–       The celebrity couple they would most like to see reunited in 2015 is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston

–       The celebrity they’d most like to send back to the set of ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here’ to be reunited with camp life is Gillian McKeith

To view the trilogy of videos visit the British Airways YouTube page

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