A poll conducted by ComRes as part of Faith in the World Week gave 1000 people a choice of 10 songs to choose from and asked them which one they would prefer to listen to when they feeling a little out of sorts. 

The top song returned was the 1975 number one classic by rockers Queen, with Abba’s Dancing Queen coming in second and Pharrell Williams’ Happy at third place, ensuring there was a pretty recent offering in the top three. 

Nearly 30% of men polled chose the six minute Queen epic as their first choice, compared to a slightly smaller amount of women (23%). However, whilst this song was more popular with the guys, Abba’s Dancing Queen proved the opposite, with 28% of the ladies opting for it and only 16% of men. 

Both the sexes were in agreement though about one thing- listening to music makes us feel better.

Faith in the World Week runs until November 2 and this year explores the healing power of music and how it can affect and impact our lives. There will be special programming across the BBC in support of this theme and discussion.

So what is it about music, and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody especially, the people find consoling or soothing, or uplifting perhaps?

Which song would you choose if you wanted to lift your spirits when feeling a bit under the weather or down?

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Image: via Getty.