Bestival, Isle of Wight, V, T In The Park and Creamfields. What do they all have in common? Music, drinking, general revelry and, because it’s England, there’ll probably be at least a bit rain with your camping. Our festival survival guide will get you through.


THE TENT: Obviously, unless you fancy sleeping under the stars, you’re going to need one of these. A tipi is a good choice – you can stand up in them and they’re slightly easier to locate when drunk.

AIRBEDS: Your sleep will be a zillion times better if you bring an airbed, which means more energy for partying.
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What to wear

SHOE COVERS: If wellies aren’t your style, or you want to save on space, sling on a pair of Converse-style, waterproof and disposable Festival Feet to keep shoes mud-free.

PACMAN PONCHO: Keep the rain off like a true child of the Eighties with a PacMan ghost. Why would you ever wear a plain one again?

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Looking good and staying clean

FELLAS WIPES: Lads, stay fresh with biodegradable intimate cleansing wipes when showering isn’t an option.

EYE ROCK SHADOW TRANSFERS: Girls, don’t faff with make-up in your tent – slap on a make-up transfer. Comes in giraffe black and pink, black lace and stars.

LA-TWEEZ ILLUMINATING TWEEZERS: Keep brows neat with light-up tweezers – perfect for when you’ve got to make yourself look good in a dingy tent.

Feeling fine

PUSSY ENERGY DRINK: “Inhibition is a recipe for mediocrity,” says the tagline, and its makers shun taurine for natural ingredients such as milk thistle, guarana, schizandra, sarsparilla and ginseng.

SLEEPPHONES: We all need sleep sometimes – drown out late night/morning festival noise with sleepphones. It’s a fleecy headband with thin, comfy earbuds built in, so you can block out sound and listen to tunes as you fall asleep. Also doubles as an eye mask.

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When you’re home

SHOT-O-B12: Drinking depletes your vitamin B12 levels, leaving you feeling drained. Top them back up.

HOMEDICS iHEAL: Use electro-magnetic field therapy to ease muscle strain if you’ve overdone it a little.
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