Ilias Kasidiaris, the official spokesman of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, is due to appear in court today on charges concerning an unrelated attack on a postgraduate student five years ago.

A police source admitted: “”We don’t know his whereabouts.”

A state prosecutor ordered Kasidiaris’ arrest on charges of grievous bodily harm following the televised assault, during which the far-right politician slapped the KKE communist party’s spokeswoman, Liana Kanelli, and threw a glass of water at Rena Dourou, a leading member of the Syriza party.

Afterwards, Kasidiaris threatened to sue the women for provoking him.

“I am sorry that without intending to, I got mixed up in a case that has confused public opinion and was aimed at hitting Golden Dawn,” he said.

“I will go to the prosecutor in person to sue those behind the illegal actions that have taken place in the last two days.”

See the full incident in the video below.

Main image: Getty