George Clooney delivers a career- best turn as Ryan Bingham, a man who travels around the US and lays off workers for bosses too cowardly to do it themselves in this resonant, brilliantly-crafted comedy drama.

Despite spending most of his time in the air and in departure lounges, he loves his job – especially when he runs into sexy fellow traveller Alex (Vera Farmiga).

But when Bingham’s lifestyle comes under threat from new co-worker Natalie (Anna Kendrick), who wants to can people over the internet, he takes her on a trip to prove his way of doing things is much better.

Both witty and thought-provoking, Up In The Air keeps you on your toes with a unpredictable storyline.

Director Jason Reitman is fast establishing himself as hot property in Hollywood after the Oscar-winning Juno and the razor-sharp satire Thank You For Smoking.

His latest effort will cause his stock to rise even further.

Good for: Those who like well-told, well-acted films


Up In The Air Soundtrack: Sad Brad – Help Yourself


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