You don’t have to leave London to do a spot of fishing. Instead, you can head out to Syon Park, nestled next to Kew Gardens. It’s a rambling estate, lined with trees and with ducks wandering along the banks of rivers, picking their way between focused anglers.

The fish on offer are mostly trout; they’ve been ethically farmed and then released on to the estate. It means they’re quite meaty and a bit naive, having led sheltered lives up until now – it makes for good fishing, especially if you’re a beginner.

Fishing, it must be said, is not the cheapest hobby around – it will cost you £30 for day at Syon Park, but if you’re keen to fish regularly, it’s a perfect venue to practice your casting and get the hang of it all, while still giving yourself a chance to catch something.

GREAT FOR: Getting a line in

» London Rd, TW8 8JG
Tube: Kew Gardens

– Tom Sturrock