We were amazed at how Slovenians manage to combine accommodations with the nature around them, without causing any negative effect on the nature that they are surrounded by. There are no high rise chain hotels, multi storey car parks or giant shopping malls blocking any of the stunning views.

While on tour of Slovenia we wrote a list of our five favourite places to stay to share with our readers. All tried and tested by our adventure loving TNT staff.

Hotel Celjska Koca

A steep drive up the mountains from Celje, but with some magnificent picture postcard type views. The design hotel is a three star with 14 double rooms, 3 triple rooms, one apartment and two large attic rooms. The room are spotlessly clean and spacious and there is a jacuzzi, sauna, gym and free Wifi.

The view from our window in the morning was magical. It’s worth waking early to watch the sun come up and the clouds rising over the city of Celje below.

For daytime adventure we were in the right place, the adventure park,  an environment-friendly park positioned between the trees. It comprises of 35 different obstacles such as footbridges, bridges, nets, a climbing wall, U-loops, various zip wires and the hair raising monkey tree, which got all of our hearts racing.

The bob kart slide looked huge and is the first toboggan in Slovenia. I managed to reach the maximum speed of 40 km and the view was incredible when flying through the air.

As if that wasn’t enough fun we had a go on the electric cycles flying through the mountain ranges at 40 km per hour. I must confess to having mine on turbo for most of the ride.

The stay and experiences were great fun and we’re looking forward to returning in winter. They have two ski slopes and we’d love to see the landscape covered in snow.

Celjska koča, Pečovnik 31, 3000 Celje, Slovenia

+386 41 718 274 info@celjska-koca.si

Apartments & wellness Skok Mozirje

We were lucky enough to stay at the Apartments & Wellness Skok Mozirje after a full day of abseiling and adrenaline sports. Next to the apartment house there is a wellness salon with VIP sauna and jacuzzi, tanning bed and massages to ease away the aches of the day.

We loved the colours and modern feel to the apartment. The apartments came with everything that we could possible require and the kitchenettes were fully equipped.

The breakfast variety was impressive and I for one ate loads.

At the time of our stay they were building a bee house and bee therapy hotel at the back of the wellness centre. Bee therapy hasn’t taken off in the UK as we seem to be quite happy killing off our bee population, but the Slovenians plant flowers and plants that attract bees. Bee therapy is what everyone is talking about for a lot of ailments and illnesses, asthmatics even breathe in bee air from hives.

Apartments & wellness Skok Mozirje, Cesta na Lepo Njivo 17a, 3330 Mozirje, Slovenia

+386 3 828 0 400 


Camp NaturAvantura

I have to confess that I’ve never been one for roughing it, the thought of sleeping outside never filled me with joy, but my stay at Camp NaturAvantura completely changed my mind and I can’t wait to do it again.

The camp is a wonderful place in a serene location, to get outdoors after an action packed day and sit around the camp fire. They even had a beer machine and yes we did drink it dry.

The camp is located near the Savinja River, not far from the Logar valley where we tried white water rafting for the first time. The water was so close that I fell asleep to the sound of it and awoke to the same relaxing sound.

We slept in a two men wooden hut inside a tent, equipped with a mattress, bedding and nice clean and comfortable sheets. Many guests take their own tents, but we wanted to experience everything that the camp had to offer. There was also the option to sleep in a hammock among the trees and look up at the stars.

We had access to the kitchen and giant dining space, but decided to get the guys that run the camp to cook for us. The best trout I’ve ever had and the others all seemed happy with it too.

The guys are nature lovers and helped us with itinerary planning to make sure that we got the best out of the experience. There’s loads to do in the area, but if you’re looking for a local shop or pub forget it. This is the place to go to and escape it all and yes we loved it.

Camp NaturAvantura, Primož pri Ljubnem, 3333 Ljubno ob Savinji, Slovenia

+386 41 886 934 +386 51 235 215 info@naturavantura.com

Mlakar Inn

We visited the inn for one reason and one reason only, we heard that Miha organised bear watching expeditions. Fortunately we were right and were taken into the forests where we watched a large brown bear eat and play for a whole 90 minutes from the safety of the hide.

They also run various wildlife photography sessions.

The hotel is in a quiet location and is beautiful inside and out. The local cooked dinner was great and the bar fully stocked.

The Mlakar Inn, Markovec. Address Markovec 15a, 1386 Stari trg pri Ložu, Green Karst, Slovenia

+386 41 582 081 mlakar.markovec@gmail.com

Camping Bled

The environmentally friendly campsite lies at the foot of the Julian Alps on the shores of Lake Bled. It offers all the necessary facilities and equipment for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The campsite is particularly friendly to families with children and suitable for guests looking to spend an active vacation. It is also a certified cyclist friendly campsite and welcoming of pets. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not child haters, but on our last night we wanted a bit of peace and quiet so upgraded to the exclusive glamping area. The sleeping huts were amazing and very comfortable with a back window the size of the entire width of the hut. I was so warm during the night that I threw the duvet off me, even as the torrential rain and cooler air battered the wooden exterior.

The night before we opted for the hot tub, we had one each, but managed to squeeze five of us into one tub. At first it was pretty hot, but we soon got used to the temperature and the cool rain helped.

The private bathrooms were immaculate, we all had our own and it was far better than most hotel bathrooms that I’ve come across. It was clean, with nice fixtures and a waterfall shower.

To top it off a picnic breakfast was waiting by my door in the morning with a large flask of coffee included.

Camping Bled really has it all.

Camping Bled, Kidričeva cesta 10c, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

+386 4 575 20 00 info@camping-bled.com