1 You might picture sapphire beaches or the matrix of dazzling whitewashed alleyways when you think of Mykonos, but if you’ve got any clue, you’ll know it’s Mykonos’ nightlife that makes the island burn brightest. Witness a cruiseship full of foreign talent enter port then plunder the rewards in the dozens of late night bars that pepper the shoreline. This place goes off until until 9am. Forget your sleep.

2 A trip to heady Mykonos is not complete without the requisite dash of Greek history. Just 30 minutes on a ferry from Mykonos Harbour will get you to the ancient ruins of Delos, a tiny island renowned as the birthplace of the god Apollo. The place bristles with millennia-old wonders, from fallen temples to mysterious, timeless statues.

3 Some of the best seafood in the free world can be found on the Greek islands, and the best place to find it on Mykonos is at one of the invariably packed restaurants that line the Aegean Sea on the stretch of coastline known as Little Venice. Romance, fine food, great beer and a view to die for.

4 If you’ve ever seen an MTV beach party with heaving crowds of beautiful bodies, pumping music, gallons of cocktails, endless sunshine and a sea that’s bluer than Lapus, then you’ve seen what Paradise Beach has to offer. Everything you want from an island holiday.

5 Say goodbye to dodgy high street kebabs – the Greeks will have none of it. Arguably the best kebab (gyros) you’ll find anywhere on the planet is made in front of you in a shop on the northeast end of Mykonos Town. Jimmy’s gyros is institution on the island, and has been dishing up heaven wrapped in a pita bread to tourists and locals for more than 25 years.

The essentials

Time from London 3.5 hours
What to say I’ll take another Pina Colada please mate, efharisto (thank you). Pronounce efharisto” as “F. Harry Stowe” as one word.
Price of a beer: About £5 at most bars. Frightening.”