Documenting Aladeen’s dictatorial rule in the Republic of Wadiya, and his journey to New York City where he encounters Anna Faris’ free spirit, The Dictator is the latest movie from the maniacal mind of Sacha Baron Cohen, who has already pushed the boundaries of taste and tolerance with Borat and Bruno.

Tickets to the premiere at the Royal Festival Hall will be dished out on a first come first served basis from 5pm on the day to fans who have printed out the official Facebook page at

Baron Cohen plays general Aladeen, a cruel, rich and pitiless dictator who heads to the US for a meeting at the United Nations. When kidnapped and stripped of his signature facial hair, the dictator wanders the city and meets Zoey (Faris), a beautiful and generous organic food store owner. With the help of Zoey Aladeen fights to get back on the throne of Wadiya and make sure that democracy never comes to the country he’s so lovingly oppressed.

Directed by Larry Charles (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and co-starring Ben Kingsley.

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The Dictator is out May 16 through Paramount Pictures.