The crew of an Airbus 320 were coming in to land at Manchester airport when they were dumbstruck by what they have described as a flying man. Initially they thought it could have been a skydiver, balloonist or paraglider – a dare devil enthusiast of some kind! – but later reports revealed that there were no such folk in the area at the time.

Even more baffling, they didn’t remember seeing any canopy or flying apparatus either of the kind, you know, usually used to keep two-footed mammals such as homo sapiens suspended in the air. Gravity is not our friend!

“The crew only saw it fleetingly,” said a report by the Airprox Board, which investigates near misses in the skies above the UK.

“They first sighted the object a few hundred metres in the 11 o’clock position 20 to 300ft above,” the reported added of the incident that took place on June 13 of this year (which was Friday the 13th, by way of coincidence).

“It passed down the left-hand side of the aircraft at 11 to 200m.

“There was no time to take avoiding action and they based their assumptions on it being a person under a canopy. But neither can remember seeing a canopy.”

Could it have been a bird? A Plane? A birdman….?

People such as Brit Gary Connery have been flying through the sky seemingly as if I possessin of some feather-aided superpowers by way of wingsuits, stretched canopies that run between their legs and arms and enable them to fly through the sky. To a point.

Connery, who has worked on big action blockbusters such as Batman Begins and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and who  was the Queen’s stunt double for the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening ceremony, has made a living for himself performing ever more dangerous and stunning stunts.

In 2012 he set a new world record when he performed the first wingsuit landing without the aid of a parachute. Leaping out of a helicopter 2400ft above Buckinghamshire in the UK, he swept through the sky at speeds of up to 80mph before landing in  stack of cardboard boxes.

Check out Connery’s death-defying stunt below!

Connery, nor anyone else with a penchant for his winged- endeavours, was in the vicinity of the Airbus though in June of this year.