Breivik’s trial was delayed this morning after lawyers on all sides called for Thomas Indebro to stand down. Indebro made his comments on Facebook the day after the massacre, in which 77 people died.
After an hour of deliberations, judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen said Indebro’s statements on Facebook “may weaken the trust in his impartiality”.
As such he was to be dismissed from the case and replaced.
Norway does not have the death penalty.
Breivik is being tried by a panel of two professional judges and three lay judges. The system is designed to let ordinary citizens have a role in the Norwegian justice system.

In his evidence this morning, Breivik said: “I have carried out the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack committed in europe since the Second World War.”

He also quoted from the Times: “3/5 Englishmen believe that the UK has turned into a dysfunctional society as a result of multiculturalism”