Following 2011’s packed touring schedule promoting the latest album Wasting Light, which was recorded on analogue tape in the garage of Grohl’s house, the singer songwriter and his fellow Foo Fighters plan to record a follow up album this year.

“[We’re going to record it] in space. To tape. An analog moonshot.” Grohl told MTV. What this actually involves has yet to be revealed – perhaps a collaboration with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic could be on the cards? Was there a clue in the t-shirt drummer Taylor Hawkins was wearing at last week’s Grammys (see above picture)?

The band, whose name refers to the name given to UFOs spotted by the US military during World War II, plan to record once again with Nirvana and Garbage producer Butch Vig. Grohl also revealed plans for an upcoming documentary and soundtrack based around the legendary Sound City recording studio.

“I recorded a lot of songs with a lot of people in the past couple months. There used to be a recording studio called Sound City that was in the San Fernando Valley. Nirvana recorded there in 1991. It was this really beautiful dump in the middle of a warehouse district. A lot of great records were made there.”

Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs in Space

Walking [on the moon] After You
Learning to Fly [an X Wing Fighter]
Cold Day in the Sun
No Way Back
This is a Call [to NASA]
Virginia Moon
My Hero
February Stars
Enough Space

See the space travel-themed video for Foo Fighter’s hit Next Year below.