Bread lovers rejoice. While you’ll still get loads of tasty pasta and pizza in Florence, the local specialities are often all about the bread.
Florentine bread comes in big crusty oval loaves but is unsalted (due to an historical tax on salt, which has since been repealed). It’s a shock when you first tuck in, but delicious once you dip or drizzle it in plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
Don’t miss Il Frattellini (Via dei Cimatori 38r) in the city centre – a hole in the wall that’s been serving up cheap and delicious panini and glasses of chianti for the past 135 years.


With its location in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is ideal for wine tasting especially if you’re a chianti fan. Seek out an enoteca or particularly Florentine Vinaio (wine bar) and try some for yourself. Caffe Degli Artigiani, across the Arno in the Oltrarno district is a nice stop.