The 18-year-old wannabe rockstar also revealed that he got smashed on cocaine six times and added that he’d bedded seven girls while he was on the TV talent show.

He also admitted “smoking a lot of weed” and trying mephedrone.

When asked about his cocaine use, he said: “”I’ve never bought it myself but I’ve done it about six times when I’ve been pissed and it has been offered to me.

“The most I’ve done is four lines in one go.”

But he insisted he didn’t need rehab and told The Sun: “I’m not an addict – I’m an idiot.

Frankie was kicked off X Factor for boasting about having coke-fuelled sex at a party, with blonde Becca Hills.

The 19-year-old has spoken about the hedonistic night, saying: “Some stuff happened between us, it’s a bit embarrassing to talk about.”

She added: “I don’t plan to keep in contact with him. There’s no future between us.’

He said: “I will regret this for the rest of my life. I was an idiot, it was stupid. It wasn’t very role model-like.

“I let the fans down and I apologise. I also want to say sorry to my mentor Gary Barlow and all the people on the show. Basically, I screwed up.”

He said he was “totally devastated” after being “slagged off on stage in front of millions” after last Saturday’s show.

But he was spotted back in London yesterday, heading to Holborn Studios.

Four acts – which have been previously axed, including Amelia Lily, James Michael, 2 Shoes and Jonjo Kerr – will now battle to replace Frankie on the show.