Some would try anything to avoid this inevitability of late night clubbing, but in Tasmania the line between ingenuity and reckless self-endangerment has been blurred. 

In Devonport and Burnie there have been increased reports of trespassing in railyards in the early hours of the morning, as weekend nightclub goers have been hitching rides to avoid paying for taxi fares.

The practice, known as ‘freight hopping’, is typically associated with hobos in the US.

Extremely romanticised and totally illegal, it’s undoubtedly a dangerous way to get home, especially at the end of the night and even more so after a few drinks.

TasRail and Tasmanian Police are concerned the freight hopping will continue until somebody gets seriously hurt or killed.

As tempting as a free ride home is, what are you supposed to do when it’s time to hop off? What if you’re taking a special someone home? I’m pretty sure heels aren’t appropriate footwear for crossing the railway.

Image: Getty