Some want money, fame and luxury. Some want to travel the world and see new and exciting landscapes. And some just want the quiet life, the chance to chillax and let life drift on by.  

But there are a few people who want to really change the world. They want to know that they’re giving a helping hand to those in need. And when they return home at the end of the day, they want to know they’ve done a good deed or two in the process of their nine to five.  

Some of these charitable types find themselves stuck in rat races they couldn’t give two figs about – but those with the knowhow have manoeuvred themselves into positions that can make the world a better place.  

Which can you dedicate your time to? We’ve come up with just a few.  

Paramedic science 

Paramedics are the watchmen of the streets, ensuring that injured or ill people on the streets get the help they need. These heroic men and women are, however, a lot more than glorified taxi drivers.  

Anyone’s who’s had to clamber into the back of an ambulance for medical attention understands that paramedics are fully trained medical professionals who’ll do all they can to help you there and then. 

Moreover, it’s a position that requires a huge amount of dedication and skill. The average paramedic will study for three years for BSc Hons Paramedic Science and a clean driving license. The role also requires someone who is constantly calm under pressure, able to reassure their patient and keep them safe.  

It’s not a job for the fainthearted. But the rewards are almost endless.    

Altruistic management 

Managers aren’t all drones dedicated to the bottom line – some are vital for keeping charitable operations on the right track.  

When you’ve been in the rat race for too long, transferring your managerial skills to a more altruistic enterprise could provide exactly the satisfaction you’re seeking.  

Your natural aptitude for leadership, delegation and administration will give you an edge in a charity. So many volunteers have the right intentions but the lack the core skills. You can be the perfect person to whip them into shape.  

Uphold the arts 

With swingeing cuts and the dismantling of smaller institutions, the arts sector needs its champions. Whether it’s as museum curators, funding managers, guides or critics, helping the arts will, in turn, help the entire population.  

Your local museum is nourishing the minds of the young and old. Your parochial arts centre is showcasing performers that might one day be stars. And you could be at the eye of the storm, pushing talent to the fore and giving your local community a boost.  

Although this takes plenty of managerial chops, you’ll also be expected to have either a degree in art or humanities and a broad interest in culture from all eras.  

There’s little better achievement than knowing you’ve eked out a profit for a niche interest – and enriched a few lives in the process.