Pulling images taken across thirteen major cities from Christmas last year, and combining them with interesting facts, Photobox’s snapshot of Christmas around the world is a great tool for investigating how the rest of the world celebrates this very special time of year.
For example, did you know…

Rome: The Italian capital prides itself as being the city where the celebration of Christmas began. The first Mass and the earliest nativity took place here in 1300.

Sydney: Children of Sydney believe that when Santa arrives in Australia, he gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroos. He also changes into cooler clothes.

%TNT Magazine% Christmas in LA

Picture credit: Istock

LA: The Hollywood parade is longest standing Christmas tradition in LA. Santa, floats and marching bands travel down Hollywood Boulevard and people watch from the streets.

Rio: Friends pick each other’s names secretly and talk with that person under a secret name throughout December. At Christmas, the truth is revealed and gifts are given.

Cape Town: Turning on the Christmas lights at Adderly Street is South Africa’s biggest free open-air event. 80,000 people gather to see the mayor flick the switch.

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