Ashley Trimmer, a 27 year old woman from Moon County, Pennsylvania became enraged after reading a Facebook post by her boyfriend, William Ley.

The two became involved in a physical altercation, during which Trimmer hurled a Furby doll at her boyfriends head, injuring him.

It is being alleged that Trimmer also struck Ley with a Playstation controller, which cut the side of his face.

Ashley Trimmer was charged by police with a misdemeanor simple assault charge in connection with the fight and was only released from custody after her mother posted $2000 bail. 

In cases of domestic assault that result in injury, officers are required to make an arrest no matter how minor the harm, Moon County police Chief Leo McCarthy said.

Being brained by a Furby doll, now that’s a new working definition of the term “soft”.

Image: Getty