Though he’s well known within the improv community in Australia, Raskopoulos is still striving to get his name known on a larger stage in the world of comedy, and there’s no doubt he will one day be a force to be reckoned with.

Steen’s talent and persona was born for a show like Saturday Night Live, and his venue location was all too reminiscent of when big time comedians reflect on how they made it to the top.

Performing in a small, private wine bar adjacent to the Enmore, Raskopoulos’ show, Bruce SpringSTEEN Live in Concert! featured a series of short skits and parodies that were both clever and thoroughly complete. Raskpolous was like a chameleon on the stage, constantly transforming into a variety of different characters each with its own depth and unique story that he brilliantly brought to life with the utmost of ease.

He knew how to interact with and engage the audience, whether it was by involving with the skits themselves or cleverly playing on their emotions like he did with his skit about poor, little Timmy.

Using the element of surprise, Raskoupoulos managed to pull the carpet out from under our feet and turn an “aww-ing” audience right around as he revisited scenes of Timmy throughout his performance.

His closet of accents was spot on and far too natural, a testament to the natural talent that’s gotten Raskopoulos to where he is today.

Raskopoulos tells stories and sets a scene with such intricate detail that he could make writers ooze with jealousy.  His ability to paint a picture for the audience helped to make this one-man comedy sketch all the more impressive.

The audience drank Steen in. He has an energy and enthusiasm that’s contagious and admirable. There was never a lull, never an awkward silence and never a dull moment in Raskopoulos’ show.

So watch out for him, Australia. Steen Raskopoulos is going to be the biggest boss the country has ever seen.