28-year-old Ryan Havens Tannerholz, a self-professed ‘furry’ (we’ll get to that later) has been charged by Boise police with six counts of crimes against nature and a further count of animal cruelty after reportedly admitting to repeatedly having sex with a cat, according to the Huffington Post

Tannerholz is also apparently part of a ‘furry fandom community’, a subscriber to the Online Furry News Magazine Flayrah – something I’m highly afraid of Googling – and dresses up at ‘fursuiter’ parties as a shiny, blue dog which he calls ‘Bubblegum Husky’. 

Yeah… Ok. 

It isn’t know quite how local Boise police caught wind of Tannherholz’s bizarre, sexually predatory behaviour with the cat in question. The upshot of this all though is that police issued an arrest for the 28-year-old in late July.

“It just means that at this point was the time when they had probable cause to do the arrest,” Deputy Prosecutor Cathy Guzman told the local newspaper the Idaho Statesman at the time of the warrant being issued. 

The publicising of this particularly unsanitary case has sparked debate amongst some of Tannerholz’s fellow ‘furries’ claiming that the actions of the 28-year-old cat raper (let’s call it what it is) is giving the rest of them a bad name. 

Apparently most ‘furries’ fetishes for fur only extends to other humans, dressed up as animals… hmmm. 

Tannerholz is currently awaiting trial at the Ada County Jail, according to the department’s website. 

Below is what I imagine a ‘Fursuiter’ party looks like… Sort of. 

Image: Ada County Sherrif’s Office