A recent study conducted by the kings of sofa indulgence, Ben & Jerry’s, has found that Oscar-winning 80s romance Dirty Dancing has topped the polls to be named the ultimate Valentine’s Day film.

Over 3,000 Brits took part in the survey, and a whopping 17% chose the holiday park romance as their number one romance flick.

No slushfest would be complete without an adorable film about prostitutes and spoiled, rich men, and Julia Roberts classic Pretty Woman came second, scooping a huge 15% of the vote.

Sailing into third place with 12% of all votes is sob-fest Titanic, which makes an all-important point about the vital role of selfishness where wooden boards, frozen sea and your lover is concerned.

Orge-romp Shrek made it into fourth place with 10% of votes, and the fifth spot went to 40s favourite Casablanca.

Shockingly, Brief Encounter only made it into sixth place, and teen vampire-flick Twilight, which must be responsible for a whole subculture of terrible clothing and memes, came seventh. Syrupy love story The Notebook garnered 6% of votes, snivelling into eighth place, and in a terrible miscarriage of justice, awesome 90s dinosaur adventure Jurassic Park was voted ninth most popular.

And what, you ask, of the tenth place? Well, it’s fairly predictable, and it certainly ticks all the boxes where weeping on the sofa and feeling empty are concerned – it’s When Harry Met Sally.

So, there you have it – if you want to inspire feelings of romance, you’ll have to sit though this lot. We’d go with Jurassic Park if we were you.

Image credit: Facebook