Strong gales are expected to hit the UK on Sunday night, the Met Office has warned.

The highest winds are expected to sweep across the north and west of Britain due to low pressure as a result of Hurricane Katia. The rest of the UK will also experience windy conditions.

There is no risk of hurricanes occurring in the UK, however.

If the high winds occur at the same time as high tides, there could be flooding in western coastal areas.

Chief Met Office forecaster Eddie Carroll told the BBC: "This sort of transition from a hurricane to more of a standard mid-latitude depression is a difficult one to predict with confidence.

"There's still a fair amount of uncertainty about the track and strength of the winds.

"Although it will be very windy everywhere, it is uncertain as to exactly which parts of the country will see the very strongest winds – so we advise everyone to stay up to date with the very latest forecast warnings."