Comedian Bill Bailey will star as a special guest in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The wispy haired, wild eyed funnyman will join other comedian guests Arabella Weir (The Fast Show) and Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong & Miller) for the World War II themed show.

Bailey is reportedly a longtime fan of the show which currently stars Matt Smith as the space-hopping timelord.

In a recent interview in Bailey quipped: "There was a petition to get me on to Doctor Who. I kind of think the director is sitting there and then this big petition comes in and the director's going 'Oh, not the petition guy again! Why doesn't he go through the proper channels? Why doesn't get his agent to call me? Not the f——petition again!'"

This year's special will see The Doctor befriending a family – including a widowed mother to be played by another guest star, Claire Skinner from Outnumbered.

Bailey, who has just finished a tour in America, is expected to film his scenes in Cardiff soon.

Production of the one hour Christmas special has begun and will continue through to mid-October.

Doctor Who currently airs on BBC One on Saturday evenings.


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