Jung-ki Beak was so inspired by Vaseline after using it on his chapped skin, that he crafted helmets and chest armour from it, reports The Metro.

The 31 year old artist, who studied in London and Glasgow, moulded the protective pieces from what would require a massive quantity of the product.

“‘I am interested in the function of Vaseline because it has a very important meaning in my individual living habits,” Jung-ki explained.

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“Every winter I need to apply Vaseline on my left-hand to prevent dryness, otherwise the skin becomes cracked because it is very thin and weak due to a burn that I got in my childhood.

“I make the armour as an art work as it is a symbol of protection, with Vaseline for the weak parts of the body such as head, hand and chest. I thought that armour was suitable for representing the meaning of Vaseline as a function of protection”.

Images: Rex/Jung-ki Beak