The man behind the account, who calls himself Ben, has come clean and admitted it is false and that he set it up as a ‘social experiment’. 

Writing on his Tumblr page, he said: 

“Let me say that this account does not belong to convicted paedophile Gary Glitter. I am deeply disgusted by what Gary Glitter has done in his life and am not condoning, making light of or glorifying child abuse. His crimes are unforgivable and chilling.

“I set this Twitter account up as a social experiment to highlight the dangers and safety of children using the social networking sites and to discover and question public morality. It’s been an interesting and eye-opening experience for me.”

‘Ben’ says that the experiment was to highlight the dangers posed by social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and that paedophiles are free to use them with the authorities’ having little ability to stop them. 

Facebook states in its rules that no sex offenders are allowed to be members of the site. Twitter though states no such thing in its rules but does say that it takes a zero tolerance policy to the promotion or hosting of child pornography on its site.

Photo: Getty.