The Russian fighter first talked about his interest in entering boxing soon after he retained his lightweight title during UFC 229 with a huge submission victory against Conor McGregor.

Reports state that the Russian is expecting to get a multi-million-dollar deal with a fight against Floyd Mayweather, whom he had consistently crossed paths with in social media.

As of now, there are still no odds about the potential matchup. However, it’s very likely that Freebet calculator odds will show up a few weeks before November.

Aside from that, Nurmagomedov also reiterated his interest to shift sports in a statement made earlier this week. In fact, he talked about it in social media, saying that the Boxing Federation of Russia has already made negotiations with him.

He even added a picture of himself with Kremlev, even to the point of asking the people what they think about him fighting in the boxing ring. Kremlev talked about his earlier meetings with Nurmagomedov, saying that the two parties are still negotiating on a possible boxing match.

He added that they met to discuss his possible shift to boxing. Kremlev continued saying that his boxing training sessions have already been set. They have also talked about organizing his first boxing fight in Russia.

Unfortunately, Kremlev decided to not talk about Nurmagomedov’s potential opponent. However, he gave a hint, saying that Nurmagomedov is most likely going to go against a big-name fighter.

He added that it’s still impossible for him to reveal a name as negotiations are still currently ongoing. Also, if ever negotiations push through, fans can expect the fight to happen in Russia, specifically in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

This can also happen before the Boxing World Championship takes place in Russia. Kremlev also added that the big-name fighter doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be Floyd Mayweather. In fact, it can be Manny Pacquiao or any other big-name boxer, he added.

It’s worth noting, though, that even if Nurmagomedov is set to box late this year, it’s still an unlikely scenario as he is still under contract with the UFC. Furthermore, the Russian fighter is currently suspended for nine months after being part of a major brawl against McGregor during the fiery UFC 229 fight.

Nurmagomedov is expected to come back to the Octagon on July 6 and onwards. However, he said that he remains to avoid any potential fights until November as he’s still gaining back his composure.

He also wants to show solidarity to his teammates who were also affected by the mass brawl, which resulted to their one-year suspension. Many analysts believe, though, that the Dagestan native’s second title defense will happen in Madison Square Garden, New York, in the first weekend in November.

But, what about Tony Ferguson? Well, the answer to that is it’s likely to happen, but not anytime soon. What’s sure, though, is that the UFC is attempting to have these two fighters go head to head this year.

Dana White, however, said that there are still no sure details as to who or when will Nurmagomedov fight next. White continued saying that he’s heard a number of rumors but decides to not listen to them as nothing is still official.

He said in an interview that he first wants to hear what Nurmagomedov has to say before he continues with something. Meanwhile, Nurmagomedov said that he expects that the UFC will schedule an interim title fight for him as a mean for him to get back to shape in the lightweight division.

He also suggested a fight against Tony Ferguson who won the interim belt previously. However, if this doesn’t happen, then he’ll be good with Dustin Poirier instead, he said. Furthermore, White said that he wants to get Poirier to the octagon again.

However, Ferguson still is a better option for Nurmagomedov to fight knowing the level of popularity between the two. Dana White even said that Tony Ferguson deserves to face Khabib Nurmagomedov thanks to the status he reached now.