Valencia, Spain

What: Valencia’s old town, Barrio del Carmen, is awash with gay bars, and those in the know say it’s even more liberal than Barcelona. For boys who like boys, there’s Deseo 54 on Calle Pepita (no 15), while girls who lust after girls can head to Som Com Com on Calle Cadiz.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

What: Almost three million people flocked to the city’s Gay Pride parade last June, making 
it the biggest of its kind in the world. A hit with the pink crowd, you’ll find no shortage of gay clubs and men in drag. If you prefer to hang out on 
the beach, visit Rio de Janeiro instead, where you’ll find 
a surfeit of ripped men flexing their muscles on the sand. 

Santiago, Chile

What: Bohemian gaybourhood Barrio Bellavista is the centre of the gay party action thanks to superclubs like Bokhara, Bunker and Femme by Bunker. The 
city also has a burgeoning restaurant scene and a wealth of great museums.

Shanghai, China

What: China’s only gay district, known as the French Concession, can be found in Shanghai. It’s home 
to Eddy’s, the city’s first-ever gay bar, opened in 1995. However, homosexuality 
is frowned upon in China. 

Brighton, England

What: Gay-friendly Brighton boasts the biggest free Pride festival in the UK, in August. Kemp Town is the heart of the community with a deluge of boutique hotels, delis, pubs and bars. Popular pubs and clubs include Revenge and Legends Bar.