A six-year old from east London has passed her maths GCSE, and she is thought to be the youngest ever pupil to pass the qualification in England.

Deborah Thorpe, who lives in Chadwell Heath and sat her maths GCSE while she was still five, achieved an E grade.

The body that releases exam results and represents England’s major exam boards, the Joint Council for Qualifications, do not hold records on candidates’ ages.

But a spokesman from the organisation said he couldn’t remember a younger GCSE entrant in the country.

Last year, seven-year-old Oscar Selby from Surrey achieved an A* in GCSE maths.

Deborah takes extra lessons on Saturdays and is banned from watching TV after school between Monday and Thursday, so she can focus on studying. Maths is her favourite subject.

Her father, Charles, said he didn’t pressurise her into studying but denies that she was too young to sit the exam.

Mr Thorpe said: "We don't stress her out, telling her 'You've got to do this.

"We thought we might as well just give it a go. You see young people in the newspapers who have taken exams and you think, why not?

"But when she says she wants to be a doctor I tell her that she must be very good at science and maths."

Students across the country are celebrating good GCSE results, with the pass rate rising for the 23rd year in a row.