More than £40 million has been bet on the outcome of today’s UK general election!

According to bookmaker William Hill, a (hopeful) man wandered into a branch in Clapham and handed over £5,000 for Labour to win. At odds of 14/1 he’ll be pocketing £75,000 if Labour comes out on top.

Well let’s hope he’s rich…

Gamblers have been placing massive bets on all of the candidates, with £6,000 put on a Tory majority and £10,000 on the Lib Dems.

”We’re beginning to see the big punters making their moves, as we expected in this record-breaking election,” said William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe.

The public have now wagered more than £40 on the outcome of today’s election.

£40 million! Personally, we’re gutted when we lose a fiver…

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