What more could you want from a Tuesday evening, than being trapped in a room full of strangers, tentatively awaiting a Zombie apocalypse? East London’s latest must-see takes place in a sprawling former department store on Mile End road, conveniently underneath the trendy Foxcroft & Ginger – perfect for post-apocalyptic pizza. 

Immersive theatre at its gruesome best, Generation of Z allows you to plan the personal zombie escape route you’ve been thinking up since the release of Shaun of the Dead, but in real time. Herded from terrifying blood-spattered room to terrifying blood-spattered room by an amazing cast of shouting would-be soldiers, I split my time between clutching my housemate in terror and trying to work out if the person stood next to me was one of the ‘infected’. 

When the time came to escape from an insurgent of the undead, I found new flight in my feet and heart-pounding, I escaped unscathed, even managing to get a Zombie selfie on the way out. There will be blood, there will be goose bumps and you will catch the bus home feeling ever so slightly more confident that you’d survive the ‘real’ thing. 

Generation of Z: Era of Apocalypse is running from today (22 April) until the 5 July 2015.

Tickets range from £27.50 – £42.50

For more information head here: http://www.thegenerationofz.com/#!genz