Contiki Cares, the sustainability arm of Contiki Holidays and The Treadright Foundation has created a video with its sustainability partner, environmentalist and oceanographer Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, alongside popular YouTuber Alli Speed, which aims to inspire and educate us all on the importance of sustainability when travelling in celebration of Earth Day (22 April).

Filmed at the Duke of Cambridge in London, Britain’s first and only certified organic pub, the video sees Céline and Alli explore how sustainability can be overwhelming for young people, and how it can be affected by a perceived stigma of affluence, allowing people the opportunity to disregard its relevance. “Travelling is a privilege as is the ability to make a choice as to what we consume,” explains Cousteau. “It is our responsibility to make informed decisions so that our choices can have a positive impact on our planet.”

Check out the video below: