Incentives for the public to vote Labour in the next election included the promise of a living wage, the nation heard this week.
Companies paying less than ‘living wage’ could be named and shamed explained the Labour party leader.

The Scottish government is also in favour of the ‘living wage’, while the Mayor of London Boris Johnson also claimed that it makes economic sense.

Johnson explained to the BBC: “By building motivated, dedicated workforces, the living wage helps businesses to boost the bottom line and ensures that hard-working people who contribute to London’s success can enjoy a decent standard of living.”

Currently the ‘living wage’ is £7.45 per hour across the UK, except for London where it’s £8.55 per hour. However, it is not illegal for companies to pay under this figure.

Labour promises, that under their rule these figures will become the norm. They intend to bring in regulation to enforce and monitor these pay expectations.

A Number 10 spokesperson claimed that Miliband will be in breach of EU law if he claims he disallows businesses to have flexibility.

Miliband commented: “Just as in the 1990s, the minimum wage was a signature achievement of the last Labour government.
“So in the coming years, the living wage will be central to our work.

“We need to build an economy where everyone has a stake.

“Not where millions of people feel they never have a chance for a decent life however hard they work.”