German tabloid Bild has gone to great lengths to sum up exactly what it thinks of Brits abroad, and it’s not pretty.

Under the headline ‘Bild explains the English Patients (of Majorca)’, the newspaper lists a number of unfortunate ‘ailments’ that allegedly afflict British tourists.

As reported in The Telegraph, the newspaper says British men are at risk of ‘Prince Harry Syndrome’ (the ‘pathological need constantly to undress’) and British women are prone to ‘underwear amnesia’ (the belief that they can get a free holiday in exchange for sexual favours).

Other listed conditions include, ‘Balcony leg’, which the newspaper says, is an injury that ‘arises when trying to jump into the pool from the hotel balcony’, while ‘Vodka cough’ arises from drinking too much cheap booze.

They also describe a skin condition, ‘Anglo-Saxon rash’, which is its name for the British fondness for tattoos, and ‘Welsh wandering hands’ refers to the sufferer’s hands, which ‘penetrate under the skirts of other holidaymakers after three beers’. 

Perhaps the comment that will upset Brits the most, is the suggestion that drinking too much makes already overweight Brits even fatter.

“With the huge amounts of alcohol poured down British throats in Majorca, a few extra pounds on board the airliner home are virtually inevitable,” it says.

Image credit: Thinkstock