In 2-3 days

Head straight to Berlin for a long weekend of history and hedonism or if you’d rather get a taste of Bavarian Germany, head to Munich where you can cruise the beer halls.


In 7-9 days

Start in Berlin, where you’ll need at least two nights. Catch a train south to Dresden — an 18th century centre of art that was bombed extensively in World War II.

Spend a night or two in Dresden before heading to Munich for a Bavarian beerhouse experience. If you can time your trip with Oktoberfest, then all the better.

After at least two nights in Munich, head towards Heidelberg where you can start exploring the castle-lined Romantic Rhine. End your travels in Mainz or continue north for a couple of nights in Cologne.


Two weeks +

Use the 7-9 day itinerary as a starting point, but spend longer exploring the many different Berlin neighbourhoods.

After visiting Munich consider heading down to King Ludwig’s beautiful palace Neuschwanstein and then travelling to Freiburg — where you can begin to explore the Black Forest.

Take a detour into Stuttgart if you’re keen to see the home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz before heading north-west to Heidelberg for your Romantic Rhine experience and a short stay in Cologne.