In a polished combination of dance and acrobatics, the performers put their bodies through the sort of torture which would make most of us run screaming.

Chelsea McGuffin does a nifty tightrope walk in high heels, is flung – and rotates – in midair, and (still in stilettoes) picks her way across stripped-to-the-waist strong man David Carberrry. He barely flinches as her heels dig in, then gets vicious in a face-off with agile Daniel Catlow.

Henna Kaikula’s body is as flexible as a rag doll – a resounding, squirm-making crack accompanies each unnatural bend of the joints of her fingers, feet, arms and legs. And Mozes not only gets naked for a slick trick with a shredded newspaper but also spins wildly, blindfolded, from the top of the Spiegeltent which houses this hour long circus cum vaudeville show, neatly topped and tailed by ukulele playing Nara Demasson.

Priceless London Wonderground, Southbank Centre
Tube | Waterloo

Until 30th September | £15.00 – £50.00