The Great Contiki challenge – a free scavenger hunt and team competition for the fit – is returning to London. The winning team will bag themselves £1000 in prize money.

Last year the challenge took competitors through London’s strangest and most secretive sights in a non-stop tour of places that most people never knew existed. Contiki’s challenge will have you prodding around in some of the most unusual non tourist sights imaginable. What a great way to see unknown London.

At this year’s event on Saturday, 11 July 2015, expect much of the same, but the route will be different in an attempt to not make it easy for last year’s participants. Remember there is £1000 up for grabs.

On the day, take a zone one and two travel card, a camera phone (as you’ll need evidence to support completion), enough friends to make a team of between two and eight and a wicked sense of humour. A bag wouldn’t go a miss for all the free stuff you’ll be handed on your way round.

The event will be followed up with an awesome after party, where the winning team will be revealed.

If you’re 18 – 35 and can form a group get yourselves registered for this fun and wacky day out.

The event kicks off in Russell Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, WC1B at 11:30 am.