The UK’s dark and cold winter months probably make you feel like limiting your exercise routine to lifting the remote control and jogging between the sofa and the fridge. However, with the right approach, the cold months need not be a time to shun getting fit, and if you are training that means mince pies without the guilt. Try these top tips for keeping in shape…

Recreate summertime:

The lack of daylight during winter is as inspiring as beans on toast for dinner, but there are tricks to getting your body used to the change in season: “Change your alarm to specific wake-up songs – motivational, uplifting tunes to get you going in that first 10 minutes when getting out of bed,” advises Liam Barrett of London fitness trainers The Fit Scene ( Also, simulate natural light by changing your ordinary bulbs to daylight bulbs as they give off much whiter light.

“You will feel better living in an environment lit by bright, natural-looking light, plus you will suffer less from eyestrain,” tells Philip Brown at The Fit Scene. Change your bed covers and curtains to a brighter, lighter tone in the winter months. Surrounding your senses with a lighter environment will naturally make you feel more positive and energetic.

Keep yourself warm:

You’ve made it outside, but the cold air means that your lungs now hate you and you want to go back to your friend Mr Sofa. But don’t give up. “When you first step outside, try to acclimatise quickly by stopping and breathing a few short breaths before proceeding,” says Brown. “From then on, concentrate on just breathing predominately through your nose – it will help warm the inspired air.”

Also, by wearing a moisture-wicking neck warmer over your mouth it’ll not only keep cool air off your neck, but the gaiter also traps the natural water vapour you exhale, making the air you inhale moist and warmer, which is easier on your lungs.

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